Setting Up the Privy Integration

Rapidly grow your Privy email list with Brevi Chat

When one of your shoppers provides their email address in chat and opts in, their email address can be automatically subscribed to your Privy email lists.

What a great way to grow your email list effortlessly!

It takes only 5 minutes: just follow the steps below to connect your Privy email list to Brevi Chat.

  1. If you don't already have Privy, or simply want to give them a try, install the Privy app for free.
  2. In Brevi Chat, go to Settings > Email Marketing Integration, select "Privy" as your Email Marketing Provider.
  3. Go to your Privy Dashboard and click on the campaign to which you want to add Brevi Chat users. When you are viewing the page for that single campaign, then copy the URL from your browser and paste it into the Brevi setting field "Campaign URL for Privy". We will automatically add captured emails to this campaign. (The URL will look like this:

Don't Have Brevi Chat?

See our home page for an overview and a link to the Shopify app store to install Brevi Chat.

See our pricing for a detailed list of features.


Any questions about this integration should be addressed to us by email at: